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Following the recent announcement of its competitor Apple Music, Google responded with the launch of a free version of Google Play Music, designed to attract more customers to its subscription service and give artists a way over income.

According to the company on its official blog, the service is based on the emission of advertisements and is available today in the US through the web. This week, Google Play will also be available through Android and iOS.

In this way, Google is positioning itself as a direct competitor for services like Pandora, Spotify and other free tools like Rdio or iTunes radio.

The service employs musical selections based on the mood of the user, location, time of day, preferences past and the songs that indicated at some point they were to the user's liking.

Google's announcement came after a case launched two days ago by singer Taylor Swift against Apple, which led the company to change the criteria for its new music platform, Apple Music, and agree to pay royalties to artists.

Apple vice president for Internet services, Eddy Cue, said Monday that the company will pay the artists royalties during the free trial period of this product.

The new system will begin operating on June 30 and Apple had previously stated that in the three month trial period it would not charge anything to subscribers and consequently not pay royalties.

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